Ashland citizens reside in a democratic society and thus have reasonable expectations of their elected officials, foremost among them trust between citizens and elected officials. That trust has been broken regarding the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commissioners.


We started as a group of citizens shocked by the actions and methods that Ashland Parks and Recreation was using to dismantle the integrated social services of the Senior Center Programs. As we looked closer we saw that it may affect Ashland in many other areas of parks and recreation. It was evident that the Commissioners were on the wrong path for the best interests of Ashland citizens. When our voices were ignored, the recall was initiated. We hope that you will join this effort.


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Download Ashland Recall Flyers:

2-sided half sheet flyer

Quarter page flyer

Recall Election is on!

Recall now so that we can get three new commissioners who will:

- seek, listen and respect community input before making changes

- manage the budget much better to ensure Ashland's financial stability

- maintain well what we have before expanding or creating new programs

- restore the local senior social services' safety net

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